Land Services

We cover plenty of ground.

With an experienced staff of registered and certified professional landmen, Fireborn Land & Energy has a wealth of knowledge in land management. No matter the type of project — oil and gas, wind, solar, forestry, or even public utility — Fireborn’s capabilities allow us to offer our clients a unique perspective that adds value. With an emphasis on expediency, communication and confidentiality, we provide the best and most comprehensive geological and land management services available, all under one roof.


Geological Consulting

Work with the Earth experts.

Successful oil and gas exploration begins with geologic interpretation. Fireborn Land & Energy’s geologists conduct extensive data, mapping and geophysical research to determine where oil and gas exploration is most beneficial. We provide clients with a clear plan for exploration on existing property, or make recommendations on property acquisition that has the highest probability of oil or natural gas.


Legal Services

We do our homework. And then some.

In addition to the thorough title research our landmen conduct to secure your lease agreement, Fireborn Energy's legal counsel works with due diligence to ensure nothing stands in the way of an exploration project. We perform title abstraction and title opinions on every lease so that our clients can proceed with certainty.


Engineering & Operations

Engineering at any level.

At Fireborn, we are only as involved in our clients projects as they ask us to be. Whether the project requires complete project management, production monitoring or permitting, our engineers offer services at any and every level, allowing operators to move forward with their project with confidence. 


GIS & Digital Mapping

Let's map it out.

Fireborn Energy utilizes the industry's leading software, ArcGIS®, Geographix®, and Global Mapper®, to share every aspect of a project with our clients. Geographic Information System (GIS) applications integrate layers of data and information — such as pipelines, acreage boundaries or lease interests — that assist with project analysis and visual presentation of geologic information. GIS mapping is also crucial in public utility projects where rights-of-way need to be acquired.


Fireborn Energy

Turning an idea into reality.

Looking for a strategic partner to help you manage your energy project? Fireborn Energy LLC creates value for clients by generating quality prospects and projects in addition to finding joint venture industry or institutional partners. Fireborn Energy will also market prospects and projects for third parties, including geologists, landmen, companies and/or large landowners.